Who won the debate last night?

November 29, 2007

Many places you could go to read what pundits say,  but check this out, instead (it’s a supporter-made video):



Thought from the debate tonight

November 29, 2007

I didn’t have a chance to watch the debate, but I’ve read different commentaries about it, and listened to the last ten minutes through the phone (driving somewhere). I also watched a couple of the videos from various questions.

Why do the debates have to be timed or limited? Why can’t we allow the candidates to go at each other with debate skills and actually talk for hours upon hours, about all the issues?

More to come later. I just wanted to capture this thought before going to bed.

Why Do I Support Mike?

November 28, 2007

Team Huckabee is asking why people are supporting Mike:

Tomorrow, the campaign website will receive a wave of traffic from first-time visitors considering supporting Mike Huckabee after seeing him in the CNN Republican Presidential debate.

We want to share with them your reasons for supporting Mike Huckabee and your reasons for contributing to his campaign. We encourage you to share your reasons here on this blog post. Try to be brief 🙂 and include where you live.

Here’s the reasons I posted.

I like Mike because he gives me hope for America’s future. And he’s for Main Street America, not K Street, and definitely not Wall Street. He’s for all of America.

Mike is focused on the issues facing America internally, as well as externally, something that has been missing from the current administration. There are serious problems facing America: health care, immigration, energy, environmental, trade, taxes, and out-of-control government spending. Mike has plans to deal with each of these; they may not be party-line solutions, necessarily, but America needs real solutions that will work, that are outside partisan bickering.

Finally, Mike cares about all human life: from conception until death. Yes, he cares deeply for the unborn, but he also cares for the hungry child that needs a good education, the young adult who is facing an uncertain job market, the 50-something that is uncertain if he will be able to support himself in retirement, or the 90-year-old grandma needing decent end-of-life care. He cares about all Americans, regardless of race, religion, age, ethnicity, or background.

Why do you support Mike? Let me know in the comments, and then go post over at the campaign blog why you support Mike, too!

Change what? — Cal Thomas

November 26, 2007

This is a couple of weeks old, but Cal Thomas hits one out of the ballpark with this column. I grow weary of polls being tossed around, saying that 75% of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction, yet never seem to address what the public wants to do to “change that wrong direction.” Thomas takes this poll on, blaming politicians for some of the problems, yet he also points the blame back at the 75% unhappy Americans.

The bolded paragraph below illustrates yet another reason why Mike Huckabee is surging in the polls. He is not following the Washington game, at all.

The country is frustrated. Democrats say Americans want change from Bush administration policies. That much of the country was also frustrated when Democrats were in charge apparently has escaped them.

A new Washington Post-ABC News Poll finds that nearly three-quarters of those surveyed believe the country is on the wrong track. They are deeply pessimistic about the future and dissatisfied with Washington’s corrosive political environment.

The public believes most politicians are out for themselves and not the people. They also think most politicians say and do the bidding of their respective polarizing groups and rarely say what they mean, or mean what they say.

Politicians are not the sole cause of cynicism. For too long, too many of us have asked (or allowed) government to act as a sugar daddy, dispensing ever-greater amounts of goodies, paid for with taxpayer money. When government reaches its limits — as it has now — we become angry, frustrated and, yes, cynical.

When the stock market increases by a smaller percentage than its increase last year we complain of “hard times” and worry about an approaching recession. Our grandparents never dreamed of the prosperity we enjoy today. Even the poorest among us is richer than much of the world’s poor, and the poor in America at least have the opportunity to climb out of poverty, when this opportunity is virtually nonexistent in much of the rest of the world.

Our problem is we have more of what we don’t need and less of what we do need. More things and poor relationships translate into more for self and less for others. It would appear that self-storage facilities are one of the fastest growing businesses in America. I see them everywhere multiplying like overpriced coffee shops. Why do we need so many storage units? It’s because we lack room in our larger houses for all the stuff we don’t need, bought on credit with money many of us didn’t have. It is because the marketers have sold us on the value of things, while culture has diminished the value of human relationships.

When money, pleasure and stuff don’t satisfy, we can’t blame these inanimate objects, so we blame politicians. But it isn’t entirely their fault. They were only trying to give us what we said we wanted.

Our ancestors understood sacrifice and adversity. In them it produced character and virtue. Today, the mere thought of such things breeds resentment in us. We see pleasure and things as rights. To suggest “hard times” or sacrifice is viewed as a violation of such rights. Our superficial natures quickly and inevitably give way to cynicism and pessimism.

If one is looking for a new direction, as the Post-ABC Poll suggests, one must first have a destination in mind and a strategy to get there. Where do these disaffected cynics and pessimists wish to go? Back to the ’90s, Democrats would say. Really? That was a time of false hope; a time when the defense budget was slashed and the “peace dividend” embraced. It was during the ’90s that the Taliban and their terrorist buddies used our negligence to map out 9/11 … and who knows what else?

Change can be a good thing. A changed life is good, if the old one was bad. Change back from a dollar is rare, but nice. But in order to change the direction of our country we need leaders who will boldly take us in a better direction, ones who will fight this war until we win it.

While the political GPS system is calculating the route, it would be nice for some of the presidential candidates to start talking about what kind of character we need to have when we arrive, lest we continue our present practice of filling even more storage units while our hearts and souls remain largely empty, except for the poisons known as cynicism and pessimism.

Hannity & Colmes interview

November 15, 2007

Gov. Mike Huckabee appeared on Hannity & Colmes this evening, for almost 15 minutes of airtime. It was a great interview, where Mike was able to address the “immigration” problem (it’s academic scholarships for merit students who had to become citizens to get the scholarships), and ethics concerns, the tax-hike accusations, and the Wayne Dumond case. It was a great interview. Part 1 and Part 2 are available on YouTube. The best part of the interview was at the end, though. It’s why Mike is resonating with so many people. The transcript appears below:

Sean Hannity: One of the things that has really stood out, I think, in your campaign, I think that people have noticed that you have a pretty good since of humor. I mentioned that both Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson attacked you. You’ve had some pretty good one-liners about Hillary. You took a shot at Mitt Romney. You said I guess Romney would rather keep people out of college so that they can keep on working on his lawns, since he had illegals there.

Is that a part of your strategy to always sorta keep that sense of humor during this campaign?

Mike Huckabee: Well, it’s just who I am. You know, I take the issues very seriously, Sean. But I don’t take myself that seriously. I think one of the problems in politics people tend to think it’s all about them. It needs to be about the issues and about the people we serve. We don’t get elected so people can serve us. I think when we forget that, and we think it’s about us, we’re in trouble and our country’s in trouble.

SH: I think everybody, if they had that humility, I think it would serve the country well. Governor, good to see you. Thanks for being with us. Appreciate your time.

MH: My pleasure. Thanks to both of you.

And in other news, here’s a fabulous picture of Mike Huckabee playing Guitar Hero with a young boy. How great is that?? Can you see other politicians doing that?

Why is Mike surging?

November 15, 2007

My good friend Caleb has written a great post about why Mike is succeeding.

Some have watched in awe, some with doubt, and others with fear as Mike Huckabee’s campaign has taken off over these last few months. His success has left many people asking why a little known candidate with no money has been able to move into second place in Iowa.

Read the rest at his blog.

I responded on his blog, but I will post my comment here, too.

Amen, my friend, Amen. Mike is rising simply because he is the antithesis to normal political behavior. He’s unscripted, passionate, honest, genuine, talks about solutions, not problems with other candidate positions. He doesn’t attack. He talks about America’s problems and suggests ways to solve them. He isn’t afraid to criticize his own party. He’s almost outside the Republican party, in some ways. Almost.

He definitely and obviously represents and is trying to address the average American’s concerns. Not Wall Street. Not the special interest groups. He tells us that politicians are saying the economy is good, but when you talk to the hairdresser, the cabdriver, the hotel cleaning crew, life IS NOT good. And that resonates with voters who have felt neglected, rejected, seduced and then cast off in the past many many eleections.

Once my classes are done in a couple of weeks, I plan on doing some research and writing a lot more. My posts may not be a lot at first, but keep checking back. This will hopefully start to take off early in December. Meanwhile, check out the official Mike Huckabee campaign site and the Grassroots Huckabee website for a lot more information on Mike!

21% and Rising!!

November 13, 2007

Several different places (captured here) are reporting the new CBS News/NY Times poll released tonight, on Iowa and NH: Mike is at 21%, Romney at 27% (Full poll can be downloaded as a PDF). And this news, coming on a day that found that Romney is spending over $85,000 per day on Iowa campaign ads. How much is Mike spending on ads? NOTHING!Who’s more electable? The man with money (with contributions from his own personal wealth) or the man with the message, one that’s drastically different than any other politician in recent memory?

Who’s the real fiscal conservative? Who would you want in charge of our nation’s budget? A man who uses his own money to get what he wants, or a man who uses his resources as wisely as possible (those are last quarter’s numbers; the numbers are going to drastically change come the Dec. 31 deadline for 4th quarter), and lives like you and me on the campaign trail?

I know who my choice would be: Mike Huckabee!

Visit the campaign website to learn more about Mike.

Join the grassroots effort.

And tell others about Mike.

MikeHuckabee.com - I Like Mike!

Update: 10:35pm

Mike Huckabee responds to the CBSNews/NYTimes poll:

“There’s definitely momentum as people are paying attention to my message. We are seeing first hand why it’s crucial for the Iowa caucuses to be first — Iowa Republicans are looking beyond my campaign budget and are relating to my values and where I stand on important issues.” -Mike Huckabee