21% and Rising!!

Several different places (captured here) are reporting the new CBS News/NY Times poll released tonight, on Iowa and NH: Mike is at 21%, Romney at 27% (Full poll can be downloaded as a PDF). And this news, coming on a day that found that Romney is spending over $85,000 per day on Iowa campaign ads. How much is Mike spending on ads? NOTHING!Who’s more electable? The man with money (with contributions from his own personal wealth) or the man with the message, one that’s drastically different than any other politician in recent memory?

Who’s the real fiscal conservative? Who would you want in charge of our nation’s budget? A man who uses his own money to get what he wants, or a man who uses his resources as wisely as possible (those are last quarter’s numbers; the numbers are going to drastically change come the Dec. 31 deadline for 4th quarter), and lives like you and me on the campaign trail?

I know who my choice would be: Mike Huckabee!

Visit the campaign website to learn more about Mike.

Join the grassroots effort.

And tell others about Mike.

MikeHuckabee.com - I Like Mike!

Update: 10:35pm

Mike Huckabee responds to the CBSNews/NYTimes poll:

“There’s definitely momentum as people are paying attention to my message. We are seeing first hand why it’s crucial for the Iowa caucuses to be first — Iowa Republicans are looking beyond my campaign budget and are relating to my values and where I stand on important issues.” -Mike Huckabee


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