Response to Huckabee concerns

A thread was deleted on Mike Huckabee’s Facebook group (login to Facebook to see the group page), before I could respond to some of the questions posted there. Here’s what I was going to write:

I’ve done some quick searching on the ethics charges. Go to following places for counterpoints on the Spectator article:

  • A huge thread of news articles on the ethics charges (articles from the 1990s and early 2000s from Huckabee’s campaign — a posted series of articles about the charges)

Stores don’t have housewarming as an option (only wedding or baby). I’ve seen the same type of registry used for a “post-fire” registry (setting up needs for a fire survivor).

On another subject, here’s Mike’s response to the John Fund article in the Wall Street back in late October few weeks ago

Several bloggers have written lengthy responses to the tax-happy and”liberal” fiscal positions that some think Mike has taken:

And just in case you were curious, a post about Wayne Dumond:

Someone on the discussion board was asking for personal commentary instead of Mike’s supporters posting links or passively people to go research Mike for themselves. You are right. We do need to articulate answers to your questions.

I, too, will admit being concerned after reading some of the attacks that are coming out against Mike, allegations, his record, etc. After reading all of the above, listening to him talk, each time my concerns are wiped away.

I see the allegations in several different lights:

1.) People are trying to come up any possible way to disenchant Huckabee supporters. Even gray-area claims that never amounted to anything. They are all turning out to be nitpicking.

2.) Any other politician, I’ll admit, I would be highly suspicious after this kind of behavior, but I believe that Mike has consistently shown in his actions, his words, his speeches, that he is trustworthy. He is not the typical politician.

3.) I take Mike as the whole picture. Not just soundbytes or positive or negative stories. I’ve listened to him. His rhetoric is completely different than any other candidate — even Ron Paul. It’s positive. Full of hope. And focused. He has plans that are different from any others presented before. For example, Mike sees that our country is facing a health crisis instead of a health care crisis — neither government or private health care is the answer to the problem. The answer comes from we, the people. Individual responsibility is the key in the health care crisis, according to Mike.

4.) Finally, no one is perfect. Period. We’ve all made bad decisions, or decisions that could definitely be spun in a very negative light. I give Mike the benefit of the doubt. I’m more concerned (and excited) that there’s actually a candidate is speaking about my concerns for our nation’s future, and has an extensive record that proves his words are not just campaign rhetoric that will disappear until the next election’s talking points.

I could write more, but it’s going to sound like a broken wheel or cop-outs. Read the above links, and contact me if you want to discuss things more. I wish I had more time or better skills to respond to your questions.

If you’re still a Huckabee supporter, don’t be discouraged. People are attacking him because they don’t want his message to get out, because they don’t want him in power. With Mike in power, in that White House, the politicians won’t have as much power anymore. The power will be back in the hands of the people.

Thanks for listening. I hope this has answered questions and concerns. I’ll be writing more (as I have time) in the coming days, especially once this semester is over.

Meanwhile, check out my delicious page on links about Mike. I try to update it a couple of times a day. If anyone ever finds links that I don’t have listed there, please leave them in the comments section of a post.


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