Why others support Mike

As I’ve followed the Huckabee campaign these past several weeks, and especially the campaign blog, I have wanted to point to excerpts of great comments as to why different people support Mike. I think that the first week of this blog’s life will do just that.

The first one:

He is a compassionate Christian conservative. Though solid in his faith and standing for traditional family values, he’s not an uncaring extremist. He lives what he believes, and respects others’ beliefs even when they disagree with him.

As “New Man” men’s magazine said (July/August 2007), “His proven ability to cast a compelling vision, as he did while governor, that transcends party, ideology and class might enable America to unite and begin to heal, an especially important goal at this point in our history.” TIME magazine named Mike Huckabee one of the five best governors in America. He’s definitely presidential material.

But what I find most appealing about Mike Huckabee is his humility, and ability to connect. Those are key indicators of a spiritually and emotionally healthy leader – someone who is comfortable with himself, authentic, doesn’t wear a mask, and is secure enough to be humble.

Another one of his greatest assets is that he alone, among all other Republican, Independent, and Democrat candidates “speaks American.”

Mike Huckabee hasn’t lived an isolated, out-of-touch life like so many politicians.

Read the entire comment here.


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