Why is Mike surging?

My good friend Caleb has written a great post about why Mike is succeeding.

Some have watched in awe, some with doubt, and others with fear as Mike Huckabee’s campaign has taken off over these last few months. His success has left many people asking why a little known candidate with no money has been able to move into second place in Iowa.

Read the rest at his blog.

I responded on his blog, but I will post my comment here, too.

Amen, my friend, Amen. Mike is rising simply because he is the antithesis to normal political behavior. He’s unscripted, passionate, honest, genuine, talks about solutions, not problems with other candidate positions. He doesn’t attack. He talks about America’s problems and suggests ways to solve them. He isn’t afraid to criticize his own party. He’s almost outside the Republican party, in some ways. Almost.

He definitely and obviously represents and is trying to address the average American’s concerns. Not Wall Street. Not the special interest groups. He tells us that politicians are saying the economy is good, but when you talk to the hairdresser, the cabdriver, the hotel cleaning crew, life IS NOT good. And that resonates with voters who have felt neglected, rejected, seduced and then cast off in the past many many eleections.

Once my classes are done in a couple of weeks, I plan on doing some research and writing a lot more. My posts may not be a lot at first, but keep checking back. This will hopefully start to take off early in December. Meanwhile, check out the official Mike Huckabee campaign site and the Grassroots Huckabee website for a lot more information on Mike!


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