Why Do I Support Mike?

Team Huckabee is asking why people are supporting Mike:

Tomorrow, the campaign website will receive a wave of traffic from first-time visitors considering supporting Mike Huckabee after seeing him in the CNN Republican Presidential debate.

We want to share with them your reasons for supporting Mike Huckabee and your reasons for contributing to his campaign. We encourage you to share your reasons here on this blog post. Try to be brief 🙂 and include where you live.

Here’s the reasons I posted.

I like Mike because he gives me hope for America’s future. And he’s for Main Street America, not K Street, and definitely not Wall Street. He’s for all of America.

Mike is focused on the issues facing America internally, as well as externally, something that has been missing from the current administration. There are serious problems facing America: health care, immigration, energy, environmental, trade, taxes, and out-of-control government spending. Mike has plans to deal with each of these; they may not be party-line solutions, necessarily, but America needs real solutions that will work, that are outside partisan bickering.

Finally, Mike cares about all human life: from conception until death. Yes, he cares deeply for the unborn, but he also cares for the hungry child that needs a good education, the young adult who is facing an uncertain job market, the 50-something that is uncertain if he will be able to support himself in retirement, or the 90-year-old grandma needing decent end-of-life care. He cares about all Americans, regardless of race, religion, age, ethnicity, or background.

Why do you support Mike? Let me know in the comments, and then go post over at the campaign blog why you support Mike, too!


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