Response to criticisms

I keep reading negative comments on various articles, but never take the time (like I know I should) to register for the sites to post rebuttals. If I ever did, here’s what I write:

I don’t like taxes, either, but if people would only realize that state government is different from federal government. You can’t borrow money to make up for budget shortfalls at the state level, like you can at the federal level. Arkansas faced a huge budget shortfall during 2001-2002 recession, a Supreme Court mandate, worked to fix their roads (one of the worst states in the nation), faced a Medicare crisis. The list goes on and on. Gov. Huckabee has said numerous times that the state had slimmed the budget as much as possible, and still had a shortfall.

Gov. Huckabee has also said at the federal level, he WOULD NOT raise taxes, and he’s signed the no new taxes pledge. What he has instead said is that the federal government has a spending problem, and needs some policy changes to correct this trend, not new taxes.

Finally, to say that a vote for Huckabee is a way to get Hillary elected, I hate to break it to you all, but Huckabee is the one candidate the Democrats and the Left fear. He has bipartisan appeal. Maybe not to fiscal conservatives, who live and die by privatizing every single service, but to a lot of independents and conservative Democrats who share the social conservative values of Huckabee and his economic populism positions.

America faces serious problems, overseas, but more importantly, here in our own yards. I want a President who is going to work to resolve those problems in any way he can, not just the politically expedient ones that a consultant says will get him reelected.

Finally, step outside the ideology blinders for a moment, both left and right, and take a look at what Mike Huckabee is actually saying. Americans have griped for decades that the political world is acrimonious. He keeps being given ample opportunity to attack his opponents, and almost everytime, he chooses not to. And the couple times he has, he does it in a very civil manner. Every election cycle, Americans say that want a civil politician. Here’s your chance — and Iowa’s first one the list that gets to decide!


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