Bill O’Reilly Is a Popinjay

I had the opportunity to hear Bill O’Reilly opine twice today. Once while sitting in the library at school and studying Greek and listening to his radio program. Once watching The Factor on TV this evening. On both occasions he said exactly the same thing. There is no way America will elect a Baptist minister to the presidency.

What Mr. O’Reilly seems to have forgotten is that Mike Huckabee is not running for America’s pastorate, he is running for America’s presidency. O’Reilly has already interviewed Huckabee once, and that interview reflected his opinion of Huckabee. Every question O’Reilly asked had nothing to do with policy, but instead focused on the personal religious beliefs of Huckabee. He even went so far as to ask the Governor if he thought people from certain non-Christian religious groups would go to Heaven. Please, O’Reilly, those are questions for a church or a seminary class room.

O’Reilly prides himself on being the voice of the people and for asking the questions people want answered. He failed on both levels during his Huckabee interview and continues to show his complete disregard for Huckabee’s policies and candidacy whenever he says anything his campaign. O’Reilly is completely convinced that a former Baptist minister will never be president. So, instead of talking about the Fair Tax, immigration policy, or world affairs, O’Reilly is content to sit back and bloviate about Huckabee’s unelectability without even hearing the man out.

Fair and balanced? Not today. Kirsten Powers, a Democrat who frequents The Factor, gave Huckabee much more respect, fairness, and balance than O’Reilly. The Factor needs to have Huckabee back on, and instead of trying to spin the interview so that Huckabee comes off as some out of touch, irrelevant preacher, he needs to ask questions pertaining to policy. The questions the everyday folks really want answered.
So how about it Mr. O’Reilly? Care to give the Governor a real interview, or are you afraid you might end up in the same boat as a growing number of Americans who have already decided that they like Mike.


2 Responses to Bill O’Reilly Is a Popinjay

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  2. Laura says:

    What amused me most about that ridiculous segment was O’Reilly claiming the mainstream media is fawning over Huckabee. Right, Bill. If by fawning, you mean dismissing, dissecting, and generally ignoring him, I suppose you’re right.

    Really what’s going on is the media is bewildered by Huckabee’s steady (oh wait, “meteoric!”) rise in the polls and even more confused with a politician who won’t change his answers and doesn’t pander.

    The media will not elect Huckabee. The voters will. I think O’Reilly is forgetting that.

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