Huckabee Rising in Blue New Hampshire

The latest Ramussen poll (link) puts Huckabee at his highest point yet in the heavily democratic state of New Hampshire. He is currently polling at 14% in a virtual tie for second with Rudy and McCain. Romney still maintains a comfortable lead there (34%), but the fact that Huckabee is rising shows that he can compete in states that may be more moderate.

One of the criticisms of Huckabee is that he only appeals to uber-conservative evangelical voters. The polls tell a different story. His rising numbers in red states as well as blue states prove that he can appeal to the more moderate voters in the Republican party, and also to independents who tend to be more moderate as well.

People had all but dismissed Huckabee in New Hampshire. It now appears that Huckabee could at least come in a strong second and that would be a resounding victory for him in a strongly democratic state.


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