Huckabee Wins Oklahoma Straw Poll

It appears that Huckmania is spreading. According to the Tulsa World (link), Mike Huckabee won a recent straw poll in Oklahoma with 26% of the vote. Romney came in a close second with 23% and Thompson rounded out the top three with 20%.

As an Oklahoma resident, I believe that Huckabee has the perfect message for the state. Huckabee’s pledge to close the border to curb illegal immigration will resonate with Oklahomans who have recently passed tough laws against illegals. His stance on increasing arts education in public schools will resonate with a school system that needs improvement. His pro-homeschooling ideas will motivate the large numbers of home schooling families in the state to vote for him. These families are usually heavily involved in the community and in churches and will bring a lot of friends and family to the polls with them. His history as a hunter and gun owner will appeal to the large rural population of Oklahoma.

As you can tell, from someone who has lived in Oklahoma, I believe Huckabee is the perfect candidate for the state to support. Hopefully he can find enough time in his schedule to spend a day or two making a whirlwind tour of the state. If he does that, he should be able to count on Oklahoma as a Super Tuesday victory.


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