Huckabee Under a Microscope

Mike Huckabee is definitely a front-runner now. The way I get my Huckabee news is by googling his name and reading a variety of sources from all across the country. A few months ago, the majority of articles were focused on his status as a dark-horse candidate. Now, a growing number of articles are criticizing his lack of foreign policy experience and his role in the release of a rapist while governor of Arkansas.

The most recent criticism of his foreign policy comes after he could not answer a question related to the NIE report which stated that Iran suspended nuclear weapon development in 2003 (link). Here is my thought on the matter. Yes, Huckabee needs to be on top of the news so that he can engage reporters when asked about issues like this. A question about Iran gives him the opportunity to share ideas about foreign policy and help build up a perceived weakness in that area. However, I think that Huckabee should be offered a little leniency this time around. His campaign does not yet have the organization of the better financed campaigns so it is easy to see how someone who is constantly on the road, without a large staff monitoring news, and without having a chance to sit down and watch the news himself, could miss even something this big.

That being said, I hope this is a wake-up call to the Huckabee campaign that the Governor has to stay current on foreign affairs. He needs to build up his foreign policy credentials and he missed a critical opportunity to do so when he was asked about Iran.

The parole of the rapist I don’t think is the big story everyone is making it out to be. They are digging deep to find some dirt on Huckabee and this popped up. I think it will prove to be a non-issue as long as the campaign does not let the accusations go unanswered, which they aren’t. (link)

The increased scrutiny proves that Huckabee is truly becoming a viable competitor for the nomination. What he needs is more funds so that he can have the staff necessary to keep him up to date on the latest news and to refute negative reports about him. The group he has now has done an admirable job, but he will need more support around him as his popularity increases across the country.


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