Who supports Mike?

From an article about Mike’s speech at Liberty University last week:

In a question-and-answer period after his speech, one student asked Huckabee how he explains his sudden surge in the polls, especially in Iowa. Huckabee sagely replied that “ordinary folks” from around the country have been praying for him.

“They’re a lot of just people who aren’t big shots; they’re not the people with big names. They’re just people who care about this country, care about their kids, and they’re worried . . . about the future of America,” he stated. “And that’s who my support comes from.”


2 Responses to Who supports Mike?

  1. christfollower says:

    Exactly! Main Street America has found a candidate, in Mike Huckabee, who is consistently conservative and doesn’t need to apologize for his record. I am very excited about Mike’s rise in the polls and am hoping that the momentum continues. Go Mike Go!!


  2. eblack says:

    i love it. this positive Christ follower is a good guy to be in office… no matter the mistakes that he and everyone else has made.


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