Switch to Huckabee

The campaign website has a new section up, Switch to Huckabee, asking supporters to create videos of why they switched to supporting Mike Huckabee. I like the campaign’s description even better:

Some have called it the rise of a dark horse, others a stunning political phenomena. We simply call it: the Huckaboom.
Now you can join the increasing number of people who are making the switch and becoming a part of this growing national surge.

Now more than ever American voters are beginning to make the Switch to Huckabee. They may come from different backgrounds, different professions, different walks of life but their choice for president is resoundingly unanimous. These are their stories. These are their words.

Now we want to hear yours.

Everyday Americans voicing their reasons to believe in Mike Huckabee

Think you don’t have a voice in American politics? Think again.

As past few weeks have shown it is neither fame, nor personal fortunes, nor hordes of political zealots which can change the minds of the voting public, it’s the simple power of a straight-forward message delivered from the heart.

And we believe the combined strength of your inspiring stories can do just that. Become a part of the Switch to Huckabee campaign and let your story serve as a powerful instrument of transformation this election season.

Change is our goal.

We hope you join us.

Be creative. Be you. Be heard.

Tell us your story in a short 30-60 second clip. Why did you Switch to Huckabee?

It’s easy, three simple steps are all it takes.

1) Hear their stories
2) Upload your own
3) Be heard by America

Visit www.switchtohuckabee.com.


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