Mike Huckabee, the Future, and Solutions

From summary at OneMom about Mike’s visit today in South Carolina:

Decisions that the next President will make, won’t change the futures drastically of those over 40 or 50 in this country. But those decisions will lay the course for our children and for generations to come.

It’s not about dems or reps winning, it’s about building up our country, not building up a political party.

Gov. Huckabee’s candidacy and nomination and election is not important because he’s a Republican, he’s pro-life, he’s a social conservative, or that he’s an effective executive leader, although these all are all important parts of his political resume. His candidacy and hopefully, election, are important because he keeps saying the quoted above and means it.

As a 20-something voter, it is very important for me for something to be done about all the problems facing the government and the nation in the future. And it’s important that these problems be recognized and solved outside of partisan politics, politically popular solutions, or “safe”, re-electable, “put-off-till-later (never)” solutions.


3 Responses to Mike Huckabee, the Future, and Solutions

  1. Son of Life says:

    As a twenty something voter desiring real change, you are the generation to make it happen, but it has to start at the bottom and work up hill, because the system is too entrenched for one man to make any difference.

    New attitudes, policies and procedures are required. Eliminating the electoral college, as it has outlived its purpose, removing the ability to attach bills to a bill, or give the president line item veto authority, are a few areas of change to be considered. The current party system has outlived it’s usefulness. Members of congress and senate should vote according to their constituents needs and wishes without fear of reprisal from their party,

    I say these things because I like your view, and this is from a 50 something human.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Son of Life. You’re right, things will have to happen from the bottom up, but having a President — who is seen as the face of his political party — who is willing to criticize his own party, I believe, could help speed up the process.

    I’m personally not ready to say I’m willing to get rid of the electoral college, but I completely agree on the line item veto. Unfortunately, that’s going to take a constitutional amendment to work.

    Getting a leader who recognizes what you’re saying, I believe, is an important step in the right direction. It’s going to take time to change the process, but I believe Mike Huckabee is an important element to drive that change. If he proves that he can win an election, it might inspire other men and women to rise up out of Main Street America (what I call the average, American voters), and run for office, including many of my own generation.

  3. eblack says:

    i appreciate the opinions. good job.

    huckabee for a new americamikehuckabeenews.com

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