Huckabee on Hannity and Colmes

I happened to catch H&C this evening by chance. I have almost stopped watching any televised news because I have been so disgusted with all the major news outlets of late.

They announced that Governor Huckabee would be on the show so I decided to listen to what Huckabee had to say this evening.

Here is what I noticed:

1. Why is it that many of the big name conservatives seem more content to attack Huckabee for things from many years ago that to talk about the issues of today? He has already answered the questions multiple times. It would be nice if they would give Huckabee more time to talk about his vision for America. The people of America want to get to know Huckabee, but a lot of conservative personalities are content to talk only about the few quibbles they have with his record. He has been criticized for lack of foreign policy experience, why not ask about that? He has released a nine point immigration plan, why not ask about that?

2. So far, and this may change, more liberals have given him the chance to actually talk about his policies. Huckabee has a lot to offer America but a lot of the message gets drowned out by people in his own party trying to kill his campaign.

3. Newt Gingrich said that Huckabee needs to come up with short sound bites to answer the criticisms that continue to pop up. I agree. Perhaps if he gives the same answer, the exact same way, over and over, it will start to sink in.

Huckabee is really facing a make or break portion of his campaign. If he can overcome the barrage of attacks that have been leveled at him, he has a good shot at the nomination. He will have to do that by going on the offensive by answering the criticisms quickly and forcefully, and by injecting comments about his policies and vision for American into otherwise negative interviews. I believe that people want to hear what the governor has to say, this is why he has done so well in debates. His message is resonating with the people and it seems that some in the media are afraid of its continued spread.

Hopefully, as he continues to answers the latest criticisms, Huckabee will be able to push his message through the smoke screen the media is trying to set up around him. If he can do that, I believe is momentum in the polls will continue and we may have a new national front runner on our hands within the next few weeks.


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