Out of touch?

There’s a possibility that one of the authors of this blog (me) might be out of touch for a few days. Kansas the middle of an ice storm, and if the forecasters are right (which I sincerely hope they are wrong, this time), it’s going to be bad, if Oklahoma was any indication for what is in store for Kansas. I’m praying right now for power, heat, and (I hope) Internet access to all stay on, in that order.

If I don’t post or moderate comments for the next few days, now you know why. Send a prayer up for us here in the midsection of America, and pray that the utility crews get the power restored in Oklahoma and in Kansas. Hopefully, this is complete overreaction, and I’ll have power.

If you leave a comment here, and it’s not moderated for a couple days, don’t worry; you’re not being censored (unless it’s spam). Comments will show up eventually, unless Caleb sees the comments needing moderation. 


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