The Folks on The Fair Tax

I found an interesting page on the Wall Street Journal website that gives the responses of some every day Americans to critics of the Fair Tax.

Collecting taxes at the retail level is already in place and much more easily monitored by the states. Compare that to our current system and think how it would reduce enforcement. In addition, with point of sale collection you don’t have to be a citizen nor declare how you got the money. If you spend it, we collect at the time. How simple is that?

Joe Alsenz
Grove, Okla.

Complicated rebate system? “The monthly prebate check is calculated by multiplying the annual poverty level spending published each year by the Department of Health and Human Services times the FairTax rate and dividing by twelve.”

Don Venardos
Thousand Oaks, Calif.

The Fair Tax is one of Huckabee’s more radical proposals, but I believe it has a lot going for it. The problem is that not enough people know enough about it. I think that as more people find out about, it will become a much bigger issue. The debate among Republicans over taxes will become very interesting if the Fair Tax rises in popularity because on one side you will have people advocating tax cuts and on the other side you will have people advocating the complete elimination of our current tax system. Even if the Fair Tax is never enacted, the debate would do this country and our tax system good. At the least, we might see some major reform in our current tax system and that would certainly be a positive thing.


One Response to The Folks on The Fair Tax

  1. eblack says:

    Funny thing is… although it seems like a huge change and so far away… if huckabee wins the white house… then it’ll happen… he’ll make it work… even if there is a gradual stairstepped way of doing it..

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