Huckabee Emerges from Debate without Incident

Here is an interesting article from Newsday.

Newly crowned Iowa frontrunner Mike Huckabee escaped the last presidential debate before the Jan. 3 vote here seemingly without a scratch Wednesday while the man he’s threatening to overtake nationally, Rudy Giuliani, was on the defensive over security for trips to see his then-girlfriend.

The debate today had the potential to hurt Huckabee because of the large amount of negative press he has been receiving of late. I have heard several commentators say that the debate was the least meaningful of the debates thus far, but that would not have stopped the media from jumping all over a misstep by any of the candidates. I would argue that for Huckabee winning this debate was not as important as not making any serious mistakes or giving the media any juicy five second sound bites to use against him.

The important thing for Huckabee now is making sure that his message gets heard above the din of attacks by the media and other politicians. The reason why his poll numbers have been increasing is because his message has been resonating with the people. His rivals could hurt him if they can make him go into a constant defense. Mike Huckabee on the offensive is a political force to reckoned with and he has been unstoppable thus far. I believe that if he can stay on the offensive and keep pushing his message to the masses then he will come out on top.


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