The difference of two degrees….

In another non-election post, I wanted to let everyone know my town escaped the worst of the ice storm, somehow, by the temperature going up two degrees on Tuesday. To the north and west here in Kansas, and in Oklahoma, it’s an entirely different story. My parents have power, but are in the minority in their county. My sister and her family do not have power, and it may be several days till their town gets the power back on. So to keep my adorable nephew warm (I’m not partial at all!), my sister’s temporarily housed with Mom and Dad, while her husband stays back in town, to help out there. Powerlines are down all over the rural areas. Many other towns in Northeast Kansas are in a similar situation.

Thankfully, Kansas received its federal disaster declaration tonight from President Bush. Hopefully this will bring much needed assistance to the state. Please be praying for safety, and that the power will be quickly restored up here, as well as in other areas of the country that were affected by this storm, as towns and rural water districts struggle to even get water to customers. Thanks.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a multitude of ideas circulating, as usual, but nothing has been written yet. There’s a problem between getting the thoughts transferred from my brain, through my fingertips to this keyboard, and onto the blog. Keep checking back for more of Caleb’s great posts, and hopefully someday soon, more of my thoughts on Huckabee’s rise, his candidacy, America’s future, and politics in general.


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