Huckabee on The O’Reilly Factor (Round 2)

I caught the 10pm re-run of The Factor last night so that I could see how O’Reilly handled himself this time around. I was not hopeful when his talking points and his first question to the governor had to do with religious issues. I did not want to watch another interview where the only questions Huckabee got asked had to do with religion.

However, I feel that O’Reilly was much more respectful in this interview. He did not have the condescending tone in this interview that his previous one had. I was disappointed that Huckabee had very little chance to address policy, but both he and Chuck Norris got to plug the website several times. Also, as much as I dislike how huge a role religion has come to play in politics, I felt that O’Reilly gave Huckabee a chance to address some of the criticisms that have been raised against him of late. I thought that Huckabee being able to address the question about turning the office of the President into that of a theocratic ruler was a good thing to set straight.

In the end, the interview did not break any new ground. It did, however, get Huckabee some good face time in front of millions of Americans. The interview also gave Huckabee a chance to clear the air of some of the accusations being leveled against him and most importantly to refer people to his website so that they can learn more about him.


One Response to Huckabee on The O’Reilly Factor (Round 2)

  1. wickle says:

    You are vastly more gracious than I.

    When I heard that O’Reilly did a decent job giving Gov. Huckabee time to answer the religious challenges dogging him lately, I thought, “You mean that ones that he helped raise?”

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