Mike Huckabee on Larry King

I just finished watching Mike Huckabee on Larry King this evening. Here are some observations:

1. Huckabee seemed very relaxed during the entire interview. It looks like he has started getting used to the ever increasing barrage of attacks and he is not letting them get to him.

2. He came off very well during the interview. He sounded like he knew his position well, and King gave him enough time to give adequate responses to the questions and comments.

3. Huckabee, although given the opportunity, refused to engage in the outright attempts at character assassination that some of his rivals have engaged in. One of the things that sets him apart and that makes him so appealing is that Hukcabee believes he can become President, not by bashing his opponents into oblivion, but by offering America a better candidate.

4. Chuck Norris has turned out to be a great asset for Huckabee. His endorsement was not a one time sound bite. Norris has been very generous in giving his time and energy to help Huckabee get elected. It is not very often that you see a celebrity so invested in a candidate.

I have to give Huckabee and his team some major props. These last few weeks have undoubtedly been very challenging for the campaign. Huckabee has faced intense scrutiny from all corners of the media. I was afraid that Huckabee might start to lose some of his energy and positive attitude. Well, Huckabee has overcome this latest string of attacks, and if this evening’s interview was any indication, he is ready to go even higher in the polls.


One Response to Mike Huckabee on Larry King

  1. mathewsmom says:

    I totally agree with your synopsis. My husband and I just finished watching Huck on Larry King and felt he carried himself with grace and style. Mr. Norris really has proven himself to be an asset to the campaign. What he keeps saying is the key: People just need to find out more about Mike on their own and then decide. The mud slinging would have killed me by now but Huck is really showing his dedication and strength by withstanding it all. Go Huck!

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