Check These Articles Out!

Here is an excerpt from an interesting article from Byron York on the NRO website:

Manchester, New Hampshire — You want to see the fundamental differences between John McCain and Mitt Romney? Look at how they chose to end their campaigns here in New Hampshire. Crafting his final argument, Romney, the technocrat, came up with an itemized to-do list for his administration. McCain, the warrior, promised never to surrender in the war on terror and to pursue America’s enemies to the gates of hell. But even as they revealed their different selves, both men seemed somewhat rattled by the last hours of the campaign — not just exhausted, not just nervous, but intensely aware that soon they could be fully back in the race for the Republican nomination, or nearly out of it.

Here is another good article on why Huckabee is driving so many in the GOP nuts. This one comes from the Rockford Register Star website.

Why is the Republican establishment so freaked out over Mike Huckabee? Ever since the former governor of Arkansas won the Iowa caucuses last Thursday, GOP think tanks and commentators are in a state of panic about the “aw, shucks” preacher who grew up shooting and eating squirrel cooked in a popcorn popper. Well, that’s what the man says.

First, some thoughts on the McCain/Romney article. I think it shows why McCain would make a solid VP. McCain has the toughness and experience that give him a lot of weight in Washington and provide a good balance to Huckabee. While I strongly disagree with some of McCains positions (immigration and campaign finance) I also like some of his others (cut pork and strong military). I think putting him on the ticket with Huckabee would give the campaign the much needed perception of experience, especially in foreign policy.

The second article gives some good information as to why so many big names in the Republican party are trying to rip Huckabee a part. I think that many have forgotten that the Republican party is a diverse place with more than one view represented and Huckabee has recognized that portions of the party have been pandered to in order to secure their votes and then relatively ignored. Well, the other side is now not getting all the attention and they don’t like it.




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