The Bully Pulpit

Why is Mike Huckabee’s candidacy, hopeful nomination, and future November victory so important?

Some might say it’s his fresh ideas on policy issues, especially on the many domestic issues facing America: getting rid of the IRS, focusing on protecting all of life — from the unborn to those on their deathbeds, weapons of mass instruction (arts and music in the schools), energy independence in 10 years.

Some might say it’s his vertical politics.

Some might say it’s his humor.

Some might say it’s his populist, down-to-earth nature.

But while those are all great reasons for why Mike Huckabee should be the next President, I’m not sure anyone has truly grasped why he is such an important candidate: THE BULLY PULPIT.

You see, we’ve endured eight years of a White House that has lacked a communicator-in-chief, except for maybe 10 days in a September that seems paradoxically so close, yet so far away. Yes, the President is supposed to be the commander in chief, but he’s also supposed to be the communicator in chief, using his position at the White House, to communicate to the people why his policies are vital. And he can’t do it, with only Republican support or a Republican Congress.

He has to do it with the country behind him.

To those who laugh at the thought of an energy-independent America in 10 years, who laughed in 1961 at President Kennedy when he declared we’d put a man on the moon by the end of the decade? So why do we laugh today when our technology capability and knowledge base is 100,000 times that of the 1960s?

To those who laugh at the thought of getting rid of the biggest bureaucracy and wiping a dreaded date off of our calendars, what other plan do you have? No matter your political persuasion, there is common agreeance that the IRS is in bad need of an overhaul — or to look at the Huckabee campaign proposals, to just skip the overhaul and get rid of it. Crazy, right?

Think about it. If you’ve heard Mike Huckabee talk, he’s the kind of gifted communicator this country has been craving for. Not only can he charm an audience (not unlike another candidate in a different party), but he actually has fresh ideas for fixing our nation’s many domestic problems.

How does he do that? The bully pulpit power. He goes to the American people, and in some cases, Congress, and communicates to them why his ideas and policy proposals are so important. He convinces the American people through his office, why these policies need to move forward, and he pushes them to the forefront of the debate. It takes a gifted communicator to do that, and Mike Huckabee is just what this country needs.

And before anyone wonders why I didn’t address the foreign policy concerns/questions about Gov. Huckabee, I’ll finish with this thought: do we really expect a candidate to be able to have all the necessary experience upfront? Isn’t that why campaigns and then officeholders have policy advisers? What’s more important at the end of the day? Character, communication skills, decision-making abilities, especially in crisis situations (see Gov. Huckabee’s first day of office and his efforts after Hurriance Katrina), getting things done in government? Or brilliant knowledge, without the capacity to communicate it?

Finally, I’ll say this. Yes, there are foreign policy issues facing the United States, but to use Gov. Huckabee’s word, “frankly”, the domestic issues enormously outweigh the foreign policy concerns, and I want someone in office who has gotten things done in a fresh way, not afraid to look at the whole table of possible solutions, not afraid to not adhere to the PARTY mantra (heaven-forbid), willing to work with those of other political persuasions, yet still holding onto his own core convictions, while getting problems solved, and leaving his state (and hopefully this country), better than when he came into office.


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  1. says:

    The Bully Pulpit

    The Bully Pulpit,Why is Mike Huckabee’s candidacy, hopeful nomination, and future November victory so important?Some might say it’s his fresh ideas on policy issues, especially on the many domestic issues facing America: getting rid of the IRS, focus…

  2. taxeye says:

    Fairtax is math nonsense. It pretends to tax the federal government to pay the federalg goverment. Thats like me paying myself 10,000 a day to cut my own grass. I can write the check – and deposit it in that same account. But at the end of the month, I dont have 300,000. Plus other absurdities. Its not a little nonsense — its a lot of nonsense.

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