Mitt Romney Drops out of Race!

MA Governor Mitt Romney has dropped out of the race for President of the United States.

This news is a major shake-up in the Republican race as Romney was heavily favored by many big name conservatives as the best hope of the party to overcome the more liberal McCain.

Huckabee now emerges as the only real conservative in the race. The question now on the mind of people all across the country is who Mitt Romney will endorse. Will Mitt Romney throw his support behind McCain in hopes of getting a seat at his table? Will Mitt Romney throw his support behind Huckabee who lines up more closely with his conservative stance?

Huckabee now has a chance to reach out to Romney supporters and do his best to galvanize the conservative base. If Huckabee can do that, he has a good chance in the coming primary/caucus states to carry them because of the strong backing of conservatives. All of this is dependent on Huckabee broadening his appeal from Evangelical Christians to the broader Republican party.

Things are getting interesting.

Hold on because this is going to be a wild ride.


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