Romney Endorses McCain

This is disappointing but not surprising. I had held out hope that Romney would endorse Huckabee. Huckabee’s platform aligns more closely to Romney than Romney’s does to McCain. I had hoped that it would not be “politics as usual.” A Romney endorsement would have really helped Huckabee going into the next few primaries, but while this hurts, it is not over yet.

The news and the talking heads continue to push for Huckabee to get out of the race because they say it is impossible for him to overtake McCain. Huckabee realizes this, but overtaking McCain in delegates is not his goal. He wants to stay in the race until the convention by preventing McCain from getting the majority of delegates. If Huckabee is successful in doing this, he will force a brokered convention where all the delegates will be released after the first round of voting to support another candidate should they so choose.  Huckabee is hoping that a knock-out speech at the convention will pull enough votes away from McCain that he will ultimately win the nomination.

It is a long-shot but, it is not impossible. The next few races are absolutely critical for Huckabee. He HAS to win Texas, ideally by 51% so that he can secure all of the delegates. A win in Texas would be huge and give him the momentum to finish out the race and make it to the convention.

So, while the Romney endorsement hurts, Huckabee supporters should not give up hope. This is the homestretch where the supporters and the candidates see what they are really made of. Lets prove the media and the elites wrong one more time.


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