Thank you, Gov. Huckabee

Here’s what I posted over at on the “Show Your Support for Mike” post.

Thank you, Gov. Huckabee and Janet. You have changed all our lives forever with your courage, strength, and joyful outlook on life. Your candidacy and behavior on the campaign trail has made me stop being so negative and cynical about politics — something I thought impossible. And you have forever changed politics.

No longer can all the political scientists (and I almost joined their ranks a few years ago — yikes!) say you have to do x, y, and z to run a successful campaign. You have proven them completely wrong. You may not be successful in their eyes, but you are in ours.

You did not waste our precious dollars; you wisely spent every single penny. You brought voters into the political process who had never been involved before. You created a new coalition of voters — that is not going to dissipate! You ran a positive campaign and your opponents had to (mostly) follow your example. You poked fun at yourself and won over voters. Thank you for inspiring all of us.

I cannot wait to see what is going to come out of all of this. You may be one man, but it gives me such hope to try to comprehend what impact your collective body of supporters could have on their individual communities, counties, and states. If we only follow your example, step out and take that chance to follow our convictions that our government needs to change in a positive way, and stand up for what’s right and true, it gives me chills to think about what could happen.

And finally, I have always been proud to say I’m from Kansas, but I will forever be proud to be from one of the few states that saw the rightness in your candidacy the first time around, selecting you as our overwhelming choice for the Republican nominee for President. We’ll be there up front, ready to support you wholeheartedly yet again in 2012!


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