Mike Huckabee on Nationalization of Oil

May 27, 2008

Mike Huckabee has some good commentary on a recent comment by Democrat Maxine Waters.

Here is what he had to say:

Just when you think the Democrats can’t get anymore outrageous, they do. Maxine Waters, a very liberal Democrat, from California wants to nationalize the oil companies. She made the threat at a House hearing on Thursday, May 22. Oil executives were testifying before a House Committee, when Ms. Waters first demanded that oil executives guarantee the American people lower gas prices in return for the right to drill for oil, anywhere the oil companies wanted to.

When the CEOs told her that if Congress would do their job and open up some of the areas that would produce significant amounts of oil, lower prices would follow, Congresswoman Waters responded by saying “well, I can see that this Congresswoman is going to favor nationalizing the oil companies, and making sure the prices go down.”

I guess someone should remind the Congresswoman of Hugo Chavez and . Surely, she isn’t suggesting that. But then, again, maybe she is. She obviously has never learned about the fundamental economic fact of supply and demand.

We all realize that we must do something to help the American consumer, and stem the rising cost of gasoline, but nationalizing the oil companies is not the answer!! must become less dependent on foreign oil. Drilling for oil in areas such as oil rich areas of Alaska, and off the coast of some of our Gulf States should be encouraged in a way that will protect the environment. We can solve our energy problems effectively and efficiently without resorting to the radical tactics of people like Maxine Waters.


Big Government to the Rescue

May 20, 2008

I read a report today that the government is inching closer in their efforts to approve a bill that would bail out Americans who got into “bad mortgages.”

This really hacks me off. The people who got into these mortgages do not deserve to have my tax dollars bail them out because of their own stupidity and ignorance. The low mortgage rates and thriving real estate market of a few years ago tempted people into financing way more house than they could afford. Plus, they added to the stupidity of buying too much house by financing it with an adjustable rate mortgage.

Well, the bubble did not last and it exploded into a soapy, scummy mess. Those ARM mortgages adjusted up and all the of the sudden Jack and Jill American can’t afford their house payment because they were idiots. So, with a major election looming, politicians are falling all over themselves to come up with a plan to spend the tax money of responsible Americans to bail out the irresponsible ones so that they can stand on a platform and proclaim that they are savior of stupid people!

You know what! Screw being responsible. I think I am going to stop paying my bills, go out and dig myself into a massive crater of debt, and then sit at home and drink beer and play video games all day. Then when people start coming and asking for their money, well, I’ll just reach out my fat beer stained hand so that the government can take it and gently dust me off, clean me up, and pull me out of the slums and they will do it on your dime! Wow! I can go and do whatever I want and there are no real consequences except my contribution to the obesity epidemic (which, incidentally, if either Hillary or Obama gets elected, they will pay, I mean YOU will pay, for my health care so who cares if I get fat from drinking too much beer and eating a steady diet of chocolate chips and deep-fried cheeto’s).

Unfortunately, people tend to need to make mistakes and suffer the consequences in order to learn not repeat their destructive behaviors. The government, science, and declining moral values are rapidly taking away the consequences so people are becoming less and less apt to change their behaviors.

I would love to see a politician run on a platform of fairness where people who are stupid would suffer the consequences. I have a feeling being stupid would become a much less valuable commodity.

Mike Huckabee for VP?

May 13, 2008

Those seem to some of the rumblings from sources around the net. If you read the comments below the articles that mention Huckabee as a possibility for VP, you will see that the idea engenders a variety of spirited responses. They range from “I could never vote for a creationist” to “I was going to vote for McCain but won’t if Huckabee is on the ticket” to “Huckabee is great campaigner and communicator and would be an asset to McCain.”

While my ideal would have been to see Huckabee at the top of the ticket and there is a chance that a VP slot could hurt his future chances for office should McCain win, I think he would be a great VP for McCain.

1. He is a great communicator. Huckabee was certainly the most likable of all the candidates on both sides of the race and he has the ability to reach out to the average American because for much of his life he was the average American. McCain is decidedly weak when it comes to his communication skills. Huckabee would be invaluable as a spokesman for McCain.

2. Fair Tax. Huckabee as VP would give the Fair Tax a great deal of publicity and would help keep the idea in the public mind. If nothing else, it should help increase demand for tax reform.

3. During the primary, Huckabee did well with traditional conservative voters. Many of them, though uncomfortable with McCain, would still vote for him. However, I believe there would also be a significant number who would simply  stay home. Huckabee would help insure than conservatives come out to vote.

4. A lot of people, conservative and liberal, will watch the big Republican Convention. Huckabee giving a rousing address carried by all the major news networks and replayed for days could help give the McCain campaign a great launch in to the general election.

Gas Tax Fever!

May 5, 2008

I never thought I would say this…Obama is right on this issue. A temporary reprieve from the federal gas tax is pure folly.  The Tax Policy Center states that the average American would save LESS THAN $28 over the course of gas tax holiday.

This is pure political pandering. The news media has us convinced that we are (a.) in a recession, and (b.) the rise in gas prices is catastrophic and will single handedly destroy us all and bring about the end of the world (I am exaggerating. Slightly).

First, we are not in a recession. The economy is still growing, it is not “receding.” It is growing at a slower pace than it has in the past five or six years, but it STILL GROWING!

Second, the rise in gas prices has hit us so hard because we are unwilling to change our lifestyles to make up the difference. Let’s say you buy a 16oz latte every day for $3.59. That figures out to $.22/oz, and $28.16/gal. Hmm, I think it’s time to cut out the latte and brew your own coffee at home.

We are unwilling to cut out the conveniences in our lives to pay for the necessities. We don’t want to give up our movies, video games, cable TV, big cars, and vacations in order to pay for the extra gas. It is time for Americans to grow up and quit whining for the government to come and fix every little thing that comes along and makes us feel uncomfortable.

How did my wife and I deal with rising gas prices? We sold my (paid for) truck and bought (with the cash from the paid for truck) a used, low mileage, sub-compact. Was this fun for me? Nope, I have always driven trucks and I enjoy driving something a little big bigger that has the extra utility a truck offers. However, we decided that spending $30/fill up on the car would be a lot easier on our limited income than the nearly $60/fill up the truck required. By changing just that one aspect of our lifestyle we were able to dramatically cut the amount of money we spend on gas.

Instead of relying on Hillary Clinton or John McCain to come and fix your inability to manage your finances or your unwillingness to cut some un-necessities out of your lifestyle, do it yourself. It’s time to wake up, America, and stop being stupid.