Big Government to the Rescue

I read a report today that the government is inching closer in their efforts to approve a bill that would bail out Americans who got into “bad mortgages.”

This really hacks me off. The people who got into these mortgages do not deserve to have my tax dollars bail them out because of their own stupidity and ignorance. The low mortgage rates and thriving real estate market of a few years ago tempted people into financing way more house than they could afford. Plus, they added to the stupidity of buying too much house by financing it with an adjustable rate mortgage.

Well, the bubble did not last and it exploded into a soapy, scummy mess. Those ARM mortgages adjusted up and all the of the sudden Jack and Jill American can’t afford their house payment because they were idiots. So, with a major election looming, politicians are falling all over themselves to come up with a plan to spend the tax money of responsible Americans to bail out the irresponsible ones so that they can stand on a platform and proclaim that they are savior of stupid people!

You know what! Screw being responsible. I think I am going to stop paying my bills, go out and dig myself into a massive crater of debt, and then sit at home and drink beer and play video games all day. Then when people start coming and asking for their money, well, I’ll just reach out my fat beer stained hand so that the government can take it and gently dust me off, clean me up, and pull me out of the slums and they will do it on your dime! Wow! I can go and do whatever I want and there are no real consequences except my contribution to the obesity epidemic (which, incidentally, if either Hillary or Obama gets elected, they will pay, I mean YOU will pay, for my health care so who cares if I get fat from drinking too much beer and eating a steady diet of chocolate chips and deep-fried cheeto’s).

Unfortunately, people tend to need to make mistakes and suffer the consequences in order to learn not repeat their destructive behaviors. The government, science, and declining moral values are rapidly taking away the consequences so people are becoming less and less apt to change their behaviors.

I would love to see a politician run on a platform of fairness where people who are stupid would suffer the consequences. I have a feeling being stupid would become a much less valuable commodity.


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