Mike Huckabee on Nationalization of Oil

Mike Huckabee has some good commentary on a recent comment by Democrat Maxine Waters.

Here is what he had to say:

Just when you think the Democrats can’t get anymore outrageous, they do. Maxine Waters, a very liberal Democrat, from California wants to nationalize the oil companies. She made the threat at a House hearing on Thursday, May 22. Oil executives were testifying before a House Committee, when Ms. Waters first demanded that oil executives guarantee the American people lower gas prices in return for the right to drill for oil, anywhere the oil companies wanted to.

When the CEOs told her that if Congress would do their job and open up some of the areas that would produce significant amounts of oil, lower prices would follow, Congresswoman Waters responded by saying “well, I can see that this Congresswoman is going to favor nationalizing the oil companies, and making sure the prices go down.”

I guess someone should remind the Congresswoman of Hugo Chavez and . Surely, she isn’t suggesting that. But then, again, maybe she is. She obviously has never learned about the fundamental economic fact of supply and demand.

We all realize that we must do something to help the American consumer, and stem the rising cost of gasoline, but nationalizing the oil companies is not the answer!! must become less dependent on foreign oil. Drilling for oil in areas such as oil rich areas of Alaska, and off the coast of some of our Gulf States should be encouraged in a way that will protect the environment. We can solve our energy problems effectively and efficiently without resorting to the radical tactics of people like Maxine Waters.


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