Sarah Palin’s Nightline Interview with Charlie Gibson

I have had a chance to watch the interview a few times now, and I would like to comment on it. I had high hopes that the interview would get past some of the petty things that the media has been focusing on over the last two weeks, and in some cases it did. However, the air of incredulity that Gibson took when asking many of the questions really aggravated me.

The questions that I felt were the most ridiculous were the ones where Gibson kept pushing Palin on the idea of “a holy war” because of some comments that she made at a church service. When viewed in context, it is obvious that she was not inferring that America is engaged in a holy war. However, that is not what really bothered me, it is the incredible hostility that the media has leveled against her for her Christian faith.

I was watching the news this morning and Newt Gingrich was talking about how FDR prayed on the radio for seven minutes on D-Day and how JFK also made many blatantly religious comments. These heroes of American liberalism, in times of national difficulty, called on God and called on Americans to do the same. Today, when conservatives talks about God and praying that America is in the will of God they are labled as a religious nut who would lead America down a path mirroring the Crusades.

When did the elite become so frightened of anything resembling the traditional values that this country was founded on? One thing has become incredibly clear in this election, and specifically with the pick of Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP, and that is that the media and the liberal elite absolutely despise traditional conservative Christians. With Obama the media flips out any time the conversation gets off of the issues directly pertaining to this election. With Sarah Palin her family and her religion are fair game.

If there is one thing the media is suceeding in doing this election cycle, it is proving how out of touch they are with Main Street America. I am willing to bet that if you went out on the streets and started talking to every day Americans, Republican or Democrat, most would be happy that we are at place in this country where we can have an African American and a woman both running for two of the most important political offices in the world. While I disagree vehemently with nearly all of Obama’s platform, you will not hear me ever attack his family or his faith. The media needs to practice what they preach and keep this election focused on the issues and not on trying to come up with tabloidesque headlines about Sarah Palin having an illigetimate child or desiring to send America out on a Holy War Crusade.


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