Gianna Jessen on Hannity & Colmes

I am not a Hannity and Colmes fan. I don’t like any of the “talking heads” shows that yell at each other, and pit “right” and “left” against one another. With that said, check out a clip from last night’s show (Monday): it’s a brief visit with Gianna Jessen. I read Gianna’s story as a young teenager, and between it and the Atonement Child, I have never thought about different position on abortion: there isn’t another one to be had. Gianna is an amazing young woman and a huge part of the pro-life movement. How can anyone look at her, and still believe that abortion is killing tissue and that knowing her medical history (she has cerebral palsy–as a result of her botched abortion), that abortion isn’t painful or harmful. She’s right: “if abortion is about ‘women’s rights’ … what were mine?” Please watch.

Oh, and I just found this, in looking for a link to the TV ad that prompted Gianna’s interview. The news media can’t even get her story right, because getting it right means that they have to face the truth. Why can’t people wake up to the reality of what abortion really is? I know we’re facing serious problems with the economy, with health care, with our tax system, with foreign policy, with spending, but what about the least of these? Those who can’t even protect themselves? Gianna’s story shouldn’t sit easy with anyone on the fence on abortion. Please, at least look into her story, before you write it all off as another part of the crazy right-wingers.


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