Can a Feminist Support Palin?

The way I find news about a particular topic is I Google the item and then click on “news.” It’s a wonderful resource and typically returns thousands of articles. When you do this with the name “Sarah Palin” you will come up with a huge number of liberal media outlets bashing her for everything from her politics to her skills as a mother. I was sorting through some of the articles this morning and I stumbled upon an interesting opinion piece by Michael Sneed, a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. I’m sure you can imagine that the CST is strongly for Obama. Ms. Sneed’s piece is worth checking out as she questions why so many people seem to think you can’t be a feminist and support Sarah Palin.

Here is an excerpt:

So what if she’s a Republican? I tend to vote for Republican presidents.

So what if she didn’t know the definition of the Bush Doctrine? Her performance was a Western draw. Bravery in tact. But no one shot.

So I asked myself — what fault is there in admiring a woman who is against abortion — even though I believe in freedom of choice?

What’s wrong with huge respect for a woman who chose to give birth to a Down syndrome child knowing full well what was in store for her and her family?

And if appreciating a woman who chose a husband who supports her ladder-climbing skill puts me in the non-feminist category, well maybe that’s where I belong.

You can find the full article here.


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