Sarah Palin’s Debate Performance: “She Killed”

Overall, I am very pleased with Sarah Palin’s debate performance. Granted, it was obvious that she does not have the depth of knowledge of some issues as Joe Biden, but that is part of her appeal. She spoke directly to every day Americans last night and proved that she had the grasp of the issues and the ability to think, react, and maintain her cool that a VP needs.

Palin has been beat up in the media these last few weeks and I’m sure as I browse through the news stories today there will be criticism of her debate performance. Already this morning I have seen numerous liberal media outlets that claim a Biden win in the debate, but I believe if you asked anyone who has been following the elections since the RNC, they would say it was Palin’s to lose and she won. She renewed the confidence of Republican voters and reminded America why they liked her so much after her RNC speech.

For Sarah Palin and the VP debate last night she can hold her head high against her critics.


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