A Solution to America’s Health Insurance Woes

I confess that there is a part of me that is libertarian. I generally don’t like government interference and I think many parts of American society are over-regulated. Politics in America is all about telling people what they want to hear and then delivering on it marginally enough to continue to get elected. Politicians simply repeat this over and over and end up spending entire lifetimes in the Washington political system.

Health care is one of the areas where we are being told what we want to hear. I absolutely abhor Obama’s plan and I think McCain’s is a much more workable plan by offering tax breaks and opening up the market so that people can shop for insurance across state lines. I think that increasing competition will bring prices down dramatically.

Now, one of the things you hear in political stump speeches is how people can’t afford health care so the government should give it to them. Well, the fact is that many of those people just don’t want to cut some of the pork out of their lifestyle so that they can afford it. Watch this video and tell me if you think the tax payer should foot the insurance bill so that people who spend hundreds of dollars a month on beer and clothes can have health insurance?


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