Sarah Palin’s Debate Performance: “She Killed”

October 3, 2008

Overall, I am very pleased with Sarah Palin’s debate performance. Granted, it was obvious that she does not have the depth of knowledge of some issues as Joe Biden, but that is part of her appeal. She spoke directly to every day Americans last night and proved that she had the grasp of the issues and the ability to think, react, and maintain her cool that a VP needs.

Palin has been beat up in the media these last few weeks and I’m sure as I browse through the news stories today there will be criticism of her debate performance. Already this morning I have seen numerous liberal media outlets that claim a Biden win in the debate, but I believe if you asked anyone who has been following the elections since the RNC, they would say it was Palin’s to lose and she won. She renewed the confidence of Republican voters and reminded America why they liked her so much after her RNC speech.

For Sarah Palin and the VP debate last night she can hold her head high against her critics.


Live Blog of VP Debate

October 2, 2008

I will blogging about the VP debate live this evening! Hit f5 regularly to see what a person from Main Street America thinks about the VP debate.

Palin vs. Biden

Question 1-Bail-out, worst or best of Washington?

Biden-last 8 years of economic policies are a failure. Obama’s four criteria for rescue: oversight, focus on homeowners, no CEO benefits. Fundamentally change focus of economic policy by focusing on middle class.

Palin- Ask everyday American’s how they feel about the economy; fear, the economy is hurting. Government has not provided good enough oversight. John McCain has a history of providing oversight. McCain’s suspension of campaign was a good thing.

Question 2- How shrink gap of polarization?

Biden- Lists accomplishments, has as many Rep. friends and Dems. Goes after McCain for fundamentals of economy statement.

Palin- McCain was referring to the American workforce. They are the best in the world. Stresses track record of reform known for putting politics aside to get the job done. Obama has mostly voted along party line. Send Maverick of the Senate to the Whitehouse.

Question 3- Subprime lending melt-down, who’s at fault?

Palin- The fault of predator lenders who mislead Americans. Need to stop the greed and corruption on Wall Street. Every day Americans need to band together and say they will never be taken advantage of again and demand strict oversight. Americans need to avoid getting themselves in debt.

Biden- Obama warned about this 2 years ago, and McCain said he was for cutting regulations. McCain supports traditional Republican stance of deregulation. Middle class needs relief.

Palin- Tax relief needed for Americans. Obama and Biden voted for largest tax increases in US history. They voted for tax increases 94 times. Government needs to learn to be more efficient and make do with less. Obama supported tax increases for families making as little as $42,000/year.

Biden- Obama did not vote to raise taxes, McCain voted 477 times to raise taxes. Says Palin did not answer the question on dereg.

Palin- Stresses record on cutting taxes as Mayor and Governor.

Question 4- Obama proposed raising taxes on people making over $250,000

Biden- Fairness. Middle class is struggling. No one making less than $250,000 will see their taxes raised. 95% of people will get a tax break. Economic engine of America is the middle class. McCain wants 300 billion in tax cuts for the wealthy.

Palin- Says small business owners fall into the $250,000/ year category. Goes after him for suggesting paying higher taxes is patriotic. Government is not the solution, often it is the problem. Let the private sector have more freedom.

Question 5- Defend McCain’s healthcare plan

Palin- $5000 credit for families to purchase their own coverage rather than government run the program. McCain wants to allow competition between state.

Biden- It is not a redistribution of wealth, it is fairness. 95% of small businesses make less than $250,000/year and would not see tax increase. McCain taxes as income the healthcare plans of employers. 20 million people will be dropped from insurance.

Question 6- What promises will the campaign not have to keep in light of the economy?

Biden- No more double foreign assistance. No going forward with McCain’s tax cuts. Can’t slow up on education. Can’t slow up on providing healthcare for Americans. They will eliminate wasteful spending in the budget.

Palin- Energy plan: Obama voted for one the gave big oil tax breaks. Palin had to take them on in Alaska. CEO’s of oil are not her biggest fans. She put the people of Alaska first. Says she personally hasn’t promised anything to take off the table.

Biden- Obama voted for bill because it had support for alternative energy. He voted against big oil in other bills. They want to give Americans back $1000 like Palin has done in Alaska.

Question 7- Congress passes bill for making it harder for mortgage holders to declare bankruptcy, support?

Palin- Yes, again points out McCain’s calls for reform. Put politics aside to fix the problem. Need to make sure that credit markets don’t seize up.

Biden- Mortgage holders did not pay the price. Obama pointed out 2 years ago that there is a subprime crises. McCain said he was surprised by the crisis. Banks should be able to adjust the principle that you owe, not just the interest.

Palin- Talks about enery again. Says it is nuts not to allow Alaska to tap into its energy reserves. It would created tens of thousands of jobs. Energy independence is the key to this nations future. It’s not about tax breaks.

Question- Climate change?

Palin- Climate change is real, but it is not all caused by man. Cyclical changes of the planet. Encourage other nations to come along on climate change. Reduce emissions. Relying on other countries pollutes more than America would ever stand for.

Biden- It is man made. He knows what the cause is. McCain has voted against funding alternative energy. Obama believes in clean energy (coal, nuclear). Export clean coal tech.

Palin- McCain supports cap on carbon emissions. Obama/Biden say no to finding domestic solution to energy crisis. McCain also supports clean coal and nukes.

Biden- The answer is not oil for everything.

Question- Do you support same-sex benefits?

Biden- Absolutely. There will be no distinction between same-sex and heterosexual marriages. It’s only fair. The Constitution calls for it.

Palin- Does not want to redefine traditional definition of marriage. Says she would be tolerant of Americans choices. Defines as marriage as between one man and one woman.

Biden- Does not support gay marriage.

Question- Exit strategy from Iraq?

Palin- We have good plan. The surge has worked and was pushed for by McCain. Obama did not support the surge. Obama voted against funding troops in Iraq. We do not need early withdrawal in Iraq. We can continue draw down in Iraq and send more to Afganistan.

Biden- Obama’s plan is to shfit responsibility to Iraqi’s and draw down troops. McCain voted the same way on not funding troops because it had a timeline. Obama says there has to be a timeline. Time for Iraq to spend its own money. There is not end to war for McCain.

Palin- Obama plan is a white flag of surrender. They opposed the surge. We will be finished in Iraq when the government can govern and military and handle security. Biden said Obama not ready to Commander  and Chief.

Biden- McCain voted to cut off funding because of timeline. McCain has been wrong on the issues of war, Obama has been right.

Question- Nuclear Iran or unstable Pakistan, which is greater threat?

Biden- Pakistan already has nukes. Iran getting one would bad. McCain says central front of terror war is in Iraq, but it is in Pakistan. We will get Bin Laden.

Palin- Gen. Petraeus said Iraq was the central front in the war on terror. Iran cannot be allowed to acquire nukes. Israel would be in jeopardy. Obama would sit down with dangerous dictators without precondition.

Question- sec. of states say we should be engaged in diplomacy? Do you agree?

Palin- Yes, but we can’t engage at a presidential level. We will engage in diplomacy and have a plan in place.

Biden- Theocracy controls Iran. We need to go the extra mile in diplomacy to get our allies to sit with us. Goes after McCain for saying he would not sit down with Spain.

Question- Two state solution on Israel?

Palin- Yes, and would at the top of a McCain agenda. Need to assure Israel that there will be no 2nd holocaust. They will build and embassy in Jerusalem. Israel has track record of achieving peace agreements.

Biden- Biggest friend of Israel. Obama shares his passion. Bush policy on Israel is a failure. Iran has a stake in Lebanon and in Gaza.

Palin- No administration’s policy has been a failure. The administration has made mistakes. Obama and Biden keep looking back and not to the future.

Biden- The past is a prologue. McCain’s policy will not be different than Bush’s poicy. We will change policy.

Question- Use of nukes?

Palin- Ours are deterrents. Do not allow rogue leaders to get or proliferate nukes. McCain would have different strategy on Afghanistan. Institute an Iraq-like surge.

Biden- Gen. said surge will not work in Afghanistan. Spend more money in three weeks in Iraq than seven years in afghanistan. McCain voted against nuclear test ban treaty.

Palin- Gen. did not say surge principles would not work in Afghanistan. Afghan leaders have not said the surge would not work.

Biden- Gen. did say that.

Question- Intervention with military? Will Americna public go for it?

Biden- yes, troops in Bosnia saved lives. It is now relatively stable. Said going in Iraq would be a mistake. Voted for giving pres. power, but not to invade. Lead NATO into Darfur and impose no-fly zone.

Palin- Biden voted for the war before not supporting it. Biden supported McCain’s strategies before joining Obama ticket. Palin agrees with Biden on Darfur. As Gov. she divested money in Sudan.

Biden- We have to have the capacity before we go in. Never supported McCain’s strategy.

Palin- Again, Biden did support McCain before joining the ticket. McCain knows how to win a war because he has been there. He knows to learn from mistakes and listen to commanders on the ground.

Question- How would VP admin be different than top of ticket?

Biden- carry out Obama’s policy of supporting the middle class, energy policy, foreign policy, reject Bush doctrine of regime change. This is most important election since 1932.

Palin- A team of mavericks does not agree 100% on everything (ANWR drilling). She would put government back on the side of the people. Bring main street reality back to Washington.

Biden- People say they are worse off under Bush. People see McCain as another Bush. The middle class has gotten the short end.

Palin- Need to increase education funding. Can no longer accept poor schools. Put more emphasis on profession of teaching.

Question- What does VP do?

Palin- Preside over senate. Supportive of president’s policies. She would lead on energy independence and overall reform of government according to McCain.

Biden- Point person for legislation. Will advise Obama on decisions. Was chosen for independent judgment.

Palin- Will do what is best for the American people in ushering in the President’s agenda, appropriately.

Biden- Cheney has been the most dangerous VP in American history. The primary role of VP is to support the POTUS. VP only steps in during tie votes in senate.

Question- Achilee’s heal?

Palin- She has the experience in her past to lead. Shares her worldview with John McCain.

Biden- Lack of discipline, excessive passion. He will not change. Will put his and Obama’s record up against his competitors. Understands the plight of Americans from his experiences (ie single parent).

Palin- People are not looking for more of the same. Willing to put partisanship aside. McCain’s supporters illustrate his appeal across the aisle.

Biden- McCain has not been a maverick on the things that matter (budget, healthcare, education)

Final question- Single policy issue where forced to change a long held view?

Biden- Ideology of judges does make a difference

Palin- There were budgets that she maybe should have vetoed and wanted to cut taxes. She has not had to compromise on any major positions because they have able to work together in Alaska.

Question- How do you change the tone?

Biden- I have been able to work across the aisle. Does not question motives of fellow senators.

Palin- Appoint people regardless of party affiliation as she did during her tenure. People will have a choice come Nov. 4th.

Closing statements-

Palin- Wants to speak without the filter of mainstream media, likes the debate format because she can address America directly. We have to fight for freedom.

Biden- Most important election in your entire life. There is a need for fundamental change. It’s time for America to get up from being knocked down.

Personal note-

Thanks to everyone for reading this evening. I will try to post my thoughts on the debate tomorrow. Thanks again!

Sarah Palin Interviewed on Hannity and Colmes

September 18, 2008

Here is the video from Gov. Palin’s interview with Sean Hannity. The final portion of that interview will air on the program this evening.

Media Coverage of Sarah Palin Vs. Media Coverage of Obama

September 17, 2008

Here is an interesting article from columnist Ron Smith of the Baltimore Sun:

Media pummel Palin while Obama gets kid gloves

Ron Smith

September 17, 2008

Former top Hillary Clinton adviser Mark Penn says the media obsession with finding skeletons in the closet of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin since virtually the moment she was named the Republican vice presidential candidate could well backfire.

In an interview with, Mr. Penn said, “I think here the media are on very dangerous ground. I think that when you see them going through every single expense report that Governor Palin ever filed, if they don’t do that for all four of the candidates, they’re on very dangerous ground. I think the media so far have been the biggest losers in this race. And they continue to have growing credibility problems.”

I couldn’t agree more. The scrutiny accorded Governor Palin is far more intense and malicious in its intent than any directed toward either of the men on the Democratic ticket. Liberals are driven nuts by the idea that this woman could be that proverbial heartbeat away from being president.

There are all sorts of rumors and innuendos about Sen. Barack Obama, too. How is this different? It’s different because the attacks on Mrs. Palin of which I’m speaking come not from “Swift-boaters” or extremist bloggers, but from the bastions of American journalism. The opinion-makers in American journalism seem to loathe Mrs. Palin.

The New York Times, to cite one such entity, has totally discarded any notion of being objective about this race. On Sunday, the Times ran a story about Mrs. Palin’s tenure as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, headlined, “Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes.” Stop the presses. Certainly no other politician has done any such thing.

The Times story says, “Throughout her political career, she has pursued vendettas, fired officials who crossed her and sometimes blurred the line between government and personal grievance, according to a review of public records and interviews with 60 Republican and Democratic legislators and local officials.”

Even so, the report from Wasilla concedes Mrs. Palin has done a lot of good things as well and has “many supporters.” Well, yeah, judging from her well-noted high approval ratings among Alaskans.

The Sunday talk shows were filled with politicians doing their partisan posturing over Sarah Palin’s qualifications for high office. Democrats say she doesn’t have any, or at least not enough, while Republicans point out she possesses more executive experience than the man at the top of the Democratic ticket – even though that man, Barack Obama, is the object of passion among all well-meaning persons who’ve gone to school, learned what properly indoctrinated people learn and abandoned whatever it is that makes so many yokels in fly-over country cling to their guns and their Bibles and their (assumed) evil racism.

In fact, it’s become an article of faith on the political left to claim that an Obama loss in November can only happen if white racism wins the day for Mr. McCain. Never mind that millions of white Americans have voted for the man in the Democratic primaries, and that there are plenty of reasons other than racism that one might prefer the Republican candidate. These include a resume many people think is thinner than Mrs. Palin’s, his adherence to extreme liberal views (the kind that sank George McGovern, Walter F. Mondale, Michael S. Dukakis and John Kerry in their attempts to win the White House), his association with shady developer Tony Rezko, his connections to the cesspool that is Chicago machine politics, and his long-term membership in the congregation of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., he of the “God damn America” rant.

Where are the teams of reporters poring over the negative aspects in the life and career of the junior senator from Illinois? The newspapers and networks wasted no time dispatching reporters to Alaska to dig up whatever dirt they could on the mother of five who spoke to 37 million television viewers in accepting her nomination, captivating so many of them and energizing what had been a dispirited Republican base.

Oh, so that’s it. Even though the political maxim is that nobody votes for the person in the second spot of a presidential ticket, there is apparently some considerable fright among Democrats and their media loyalists that Sarah Palin could turn enough votes toward the GOP to decide the election in John McCain’s favor. They’ll do everything in their power to make that nightmare fade away, so Americans and people of good will all over the world will awaken that Wednesday morning after the results are counted and be seized by joy that their prayers have been answered and their savior has been given the keys to the kingdom.

Can a Feminist Support Palin?

September 17, 2008

The way I find news about a particular topic is I Google the item and then click on “news.” It’s a wonderful resource and typically returns thousands of articles. When you do this with the name “Sarah Palin” you will come up with a huge number of liberal media outlets bashing her for everything from her politics to her skills as a mother. I was sorting through some of the articles this morning and I stumbled upon an interesting opinion piece by Michael Sneed, a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. I’m sure you can imagine that the CST is strongly for Obama. Ms. Sneed’s piece is worth checking out as she questions why so many people seem to think you can’t be a feminist and support Sarah Palin.

Here is an excerpt:

So what if she’s a Republican? I tend to vote for Republican presidents.

So what if she didn’t know the definition of the Bush Doctrine? Her performance was a Western draw. Bravery in tact. But no one shot.

So I asked myself — what fault is there in admiring a woman who is against abortion — even though I believe in freedom of choice?

What’s wrong with huge respect for a woman who chose to give birth to a Down syndrome child knowing full well what was in store for her and her family?

And if appreciating a woman who chose a husband who supports her ladder-climbing skill puts me in the non-feminist category, well maybe that’s where I belong.

You can find the full article here.

Interesting Article on Sarah Palin’s “Choice”

September 13, 2008

This is an interesting piece from the Washinton Post’s opinion section:


Palin’s Heroic Choice, Held Up as a Bad Example

Michael Gerson

Earlier this week, I did a column describing Trig Palin, Sarah Palin’s four-month-old son with Down syndrome, as an unlikely civil rights leader. The trend of genetic testing and eugenic abortions has made such children a small, almost unprotected minority in America (and elsewhere). I also argued that a Social Darwinian attitude toward children with Down syndrome — the belief that the “imperfect” are somehow unworthy of life — has broader implications for the treatment of the disabled in our country. People who escape the screen of genetic testing are often viewed as burdens and mistakes — making our society less welcoming and hospitable.

Most of the reaction I have received has been from the parents of children with disabilities, who are grateful for Gov. Palin’s example of love and compassion. But Los Angeles Times blogger Andrew Malcolm recently reported an entirely different reaction to Trig Palin’s breakthrough. Dr. Andre Lalonde, the executive vice president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, is “expressing concerns” that a “prominent public role model as the governor of Alaska and potential vice president of the United States completing a Down syndrome pregnancy may prompt other women to make the same decision against abortion because of that genetic abnormality. And thereby reduce the number of abortions.” This, Lalonde feels, would be problematic, because of women who aren’t “prepared to deal with the consequences” of a Down syndrome child.

Many parents, of course, are not “prepared to deal with the consequences” of having a child, healthy or disabled — though this has nothing to do with the worth of such children once they are conceived. Down syndrome children are slow to learn and have physical challenges. They are also, in my experience, often loving and compassionate — which is an advantage they have on Dr. Lalonde.

A claim like this one tears away the pretense of “choice” among some in the medical community. When the medical establishment encourages doctors to encourage broad genetic testing for genetic abnormalities, then emphasizes the hardship of raising a disabled child, eugenic abortion is not merely an “option” but a recommendation. And people such as Sarah Palin, who resist the consensus against the elimination of “genetic abnormality,” become a bad example, instead of a heroic one.

This difference clarifies the most basic question of medical ethics: How do we improve humanity? By eliminating the “imperfect” from among us? Or by showing our humanity, especially toward the “imperfect”?

Sarah Palin: The Full Interview

September 13, 2008

Here is the full video of Sarah Palin’s interview that aired last night on 20/20. She talks about Hillary, the economy, the Wasilla library, “Troopergate”, guns, and abortion. She never ceases to amaze me with her poise, her grace, and her humility. Partial transcript is available from ABC News.