Mitt Romney Drops out of Race!

February 7, 2008

MA Governor Mitt Romney has dropped out of the race for President of the United States.

This news is a major shake-up in the Republican race as Romney was heavily favored by many big name conservatives as the best hope of the party to overcome the more liberal McCain.

Huckabee now emerges as the only real conservative in the race. The question now on the mind of people all across the country is who Mitt Romney will endorse. Will Mitt Romney throw his support behind McCain in hopes of getting a seat at his table? Will Mitt Romney throw his support behind Huckabee who lines up more closely with his conservative stance?

Huckabee now has a chance to reach out to Romney supporters and do his best to galvanize the conservative base. If Huckabee can do that, he has a good chance in the coming primary/caucus states to carry them because of the strong backing of conservatives. All of this is dependent on Huckabee broadening his appeal from Evangelical Christians to the broader Republican party.

Things are getting interesting.

Hold on because this is going to be a wild ride.


Huckabee: This is Not a Two Man GOP Race

February 1, 2008
From CBS News’ Joy Lin:
SAN DIEGO — Conservative, conservative, conservative. That was the word Mike Huckabee used again and again with reporters to emphasize his credibility as a contender for the Republican nomination. The usually light-hearted Arkansan spoke in a deliberate tone, a manner that barely masked his frustration about how the race was being framed.“There has been somewhat of – almost a national media spin that this race is a two man race,” said Huckabee. “And if so, I’d like to say that John McCain and I will definitely duke it out until the very last vote. Last night, the CNN debate was very frustrating for me. There seemed to be an unequal level of time that was allocated – and if people look at the delegate count…one has to have 1,191 delegates in order to be the nominee. So far, no one has even broken a hundred; there’s only 8% of the delegates have yet been tabulated, and we’re all fairly close to each other in the amount of delegates that any of the three of us have.”

Huckabee accused the “Romney people” of circulating the notion that a vote for Huckabee would contribute to a McCain win.

“I want to be make it very clear: a vote for me is a vote for me. A vote for Romney is a vote for Romney. A vote for McCain is a vote for McCain. Anybody who suggests otherwise is trying to put a spin on it.”

Continuing, Huckabee questioned Romney’s quest to claim the conservative mantle: “If people are looking for a true conservative, somebody who hasn’t had a recent change of opinion to become one, I would be the logical choice -in fact the only choice they have.”

Although he would have “loved” to have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s endorsement, Huckabee seemed to undermine it by challenging the California governor’s conservative credentials, and implicitly, McCain’s.

“I would never have expected the governor of California to endorse me and, frankly, I’m probably a lot more conservative on a lot more issues than he would have been comfortable with – whether it’s the second amendment, or pro-life issue, or marriage amendment issue or any number of things.”

Huckabee later said that receiving former Republican candidate Duncan Hunter’s endorsement last week probably meant more in the conservative hotbed of San Diego than Schwarzenegger’s endorsement of McCain.

He added that he has no intention of quitting the race even though he hasn’t won a state since Iowa.

“I am not a quitter,” said Huckabee. “I did not get to where I am in life by quitting. Sometimes you can’t win the game but the only way you can surely lose it is by walking off the field before the clock ends,” said Huckabee

“I was in it when nobody thought I could be, I stayed in it when nobody thought I could. I continue to march on even when the de-facto-absolutely-guaranteed-frontrunner-going-to-win-the-nomination-going-to-be-the-next-president-kind-of-guys were so out in front of me that people didn’t take me seriously.”

“But today, Rudy Giuliani is not in the race, Fred Thompson is not in the race … A bunch of folks have fallen to the wayside, and I’m still here. So, I plan to still be here.”

Meantime, Huckabee said he had raised an additional $3.5 million in January after starting the year with just over $650,000 on hand. He emphasized how much the campaign had done with so little money. Huckabee also skewered Romney for spending “tens of millions of dollars to have the same market share as me.”

“Under anybody’s business model, that’s not a very efficient or effective operation,” he said. “If you have an MBA from Harvard, and you believe in trying to figure out the best way to build market share and you spend an enormous amount of money and you have a competitor spends a very small amount of money, but he’s able to reach the same market share, it may say that that person has a more sellable product than you do. So maybe it would be appropriate to go out of business and merge your business with the one that has the more efficient model.”

Switch to Huckabee

December 6, 2007

The campaign website has a new section up, Switch to Huckabee, asking supporters to create videos of why they switched to supporting Mike Huckabee. I like the campaign’s description even better:

Some have called it the rise of a dark horse, others a stunning political phenomena. We simply call it: the Huckaboom.
Now you can join the increasing number of people who are making the switch and becoming a part of this growing national surge.

Now more than ever American voters are beginning to make the Switch to Huckabee. They may come from different backgrounds, different professions, different walks of life but their choice for president is resoundingly unanimous. These are their stories. These are their words.

Now we want to hear yours.

Everyday Americans voicing their reasons to believe in Mike Huckabee

Think you don’t have a voice in American politics? Think again.

As past few weeks have shown it is neither fame, nor personal fortunes, nor hordes of political zealots which can change the minds of the voting public, it’s the simple power of a straight-forward message delivered from the heart.

And we believe the combined strength of your inspiring stories can do just that. Become a part of the Switch to Huckabee campaign and let your story serve as a powerful instrument of transformation this election season.

Change is our goal.

We hope you join us.

Be creative. Be you. Be heard.

Tell us your story in a short 30-60 second clip. Why did you Switch to Huckabee?

It’s easy, three simple steps are all it takes.

1) Hear their stories
2) Upload your own
3) Be heard by America